Giuseppe Biacca info@fumocom.com
Technical Dept. Manager - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Giuseppe likes computing, hiking and party-all-the-time.
Claudia Fusillo claudia@fumocom.com
President - Fumo Communications
Claudia likes playing violin, the "Rolling Stones" and Häagen-Dazs ‚Belgian Chocolate’ ice cream
Pepi Galante info@fumocom.com
- Cablemat / Fumo Communications (Spain)
Taking care of their new hotel in Galicia.
Jaime Granja-Palou info@fumocom.com
- Cablemat / Fumo Communications (Spain)
Taking care of their new hotel in Galicia.
Michela Iezzi info@fumocom.com
Administration - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Michela likes reading, music and her kids.
Luciana Iuliano
Production Team - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Luciana likes reading, music and cinema.
Edwin Kasanga edwin@fumocom.com
Managing Director - Fumo Communications (East Africa)
Edwin likes Formula 1, Golf, Football, Tennis, News, Movies and Dining Out.
Robert Lechner info@fumocom.com
IT - Security - Fumo Communications (Germany) - idosec GbR
Robert likes driving motorcycle and working on his house.
Michele Maddaloni
Production team - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Michele likes sport and playing cards
Thomas Morawski thomas@fumocom.com
CEO - Fumo Communications
Thomas likes music, traveling and Formula 1
Angela Murazzo
Administration and Production - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Angela likes music and hiking.
Leon Pronk info@fumocom.com
Managing Director - Fumo Communications (South Africa)
Leon likes motorsport, rugby and cycling.
Tullia Radi
Quality Control - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Tullia likes reading, sports and music.
Giuseppina Ricciuti
Production Team - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Giuseppina likes bricolages, create and design clothes.
Dirk Sager dirk@fumocom.com
Administration - Fumo Communications (Deutschland) GmbH
Dirk likes fistball and travelling
Karin Sager karin@fumocom.de
General Manager - Fumo Communications (Deutschland) GmbH
Karin likes bicycling, Rammstein and W.O.A.
Lahcen Sahmi info@fumocom.com
Managing Director - Fumo Communications (Maroc) at West Sahara
Lahcen likes music, traveling and working.
Anisha Samuel anisha@fumocom.com
Channel Sales Manager - Fumo Communications (Middle East)
Anisha likes traveling, music and shopping
Harish Shetty harish@fumocom.com
Accounts & Logistics Executive - Fumo Communications (Middle East)
Harish likes internet browsing & listening to music
Melinda Spadanuda
Production Team - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Melinda likes shopping, dancing and playing Volleyball.
Laura Spadanuda
Production Manager worldwide - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Laura likes aerobics, dancing and working.
M.C. Sudeep sudeep@fumocom.com
General Manager Middle East - Fumo Communications (Middle East)
Sudeep likes listening to music and being lead singer in his band "Flames".
Dieter Theessen info@fumocom.com
Business Development Manager Germany - Fumo Communications (Germany)
Dieter likes snow-boarding, roller-skating and listening Techno music.
Luiggi Vetta
Production team - Fumo Communications (Italia)
Luiggi likes riding a motor bike, tennis and girls
Dhanish Viswanath dhanish@fumocom.com
Sales Manager - Fumo Communications (Middle East)
Dhanish likes listening to music, driving, travelling and watching movies
Germain Wickramasinghe info@fumocom.com
Regional Manager South-East Asia - Fumo Communications (Sri Lanka)
Germain likes off-roading, music, hanging out with friends and family